Downsizing Solutions

I want to downsize, Help Me !!   Getting started is half-the battle.  Then it can feel like a battle.  We help you get started with downsizing first with timing... check out our video series below.  And contact us to setup a free downsizing consultation to help get the support you will need!

Meet Kim - She's Been through it - Here why when downsizing its important to have experience.  Let us by your consultants - get the help - it will make a major difference in your downsizing, or rightsizing experience.

Step 1 - Get Help when going through Downsizing, or Rightsizing


Downsizing, Upsizing or Right Sizing my Home means I am moving into a new phase of my life which requires a different kind of home to match what I want in my future. Kim has a passion for guiding you and your family through this stressful time. Making sure you work with the right people makes ALL the difference. We have vetted vendors for you and will guide you through the whole downsizing/ selling/ buying/ moving/etc processes. Give us a call! 703.338.0872

Step 2 - Establishing Your Why & Timeframe

Step 3 - Determine Which Type of Home is Your Next Home

Step 4 - What Do I do with My Stuff when I Downsize?

Step 5 - Putting it All Together - Downsizing or Rightsizing with Kim Barber Group