Should You Buy Now or Later?

Dated: July 4 2016

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Have you been thinking about buying a home but are holding off until next year to save more money? With the real estate market as it is right now, you could stand to LOSE A LOT of money by waiting to purchase a home until next year. You could actually SAVE money by making the move to purchase this year! Click on this flyer that to check out and compare the numbers from this year to next years projections.

If you could save $220/month on your mortgage - it may not sound like a lot...but if you take a look at how much you could save over your entire mortgage?

$79,200 is a lot of money to save by choosing to purchase this year instead of next! 

Give us a call if you are interested in learning more on what it will take to buy your home this year! 703-338-0872

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Need Some Different BBQ Recipes for This 4th

We know that hosting a BBQ with family and friends isn't supposed to be stressful. But somehow it always ends up feeling that way. Here is a list of some variations of your favorite BBQ food that will have everyone clamoring for more! The grilled coconut corn on the cob is one of our favorites! Check them out! 

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