Discover Leesburg's Year-Round Festivals & Cultural Events

Dated: July 7 2023

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Discover the Vibrant Spirit of Leesburg: Year-Round Festivals and Cultural Events in Leesburg, Virginia

Step into a world of vibrant festivities and community spirit in the charming town of Leesburg, VA. Throughout the year, Leesburg hosts a captivating array of seasonal festivals, cultural events, and community celebrations that showcase the town's rich heritage and lively atmosphere. From the colorful Flower and Garden Festival to the spectacular 4th of July Fun and the thrilling Leesburg Airshow, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we take you on a journey through Leesburg's calendar of events, highlighting dates, activities, and the vibrant vendors that make each occasion truly special. Let's dive into the heart of these remarkable celebrations!

Flower and Garden Festival: Where Beauty Blooms

One of our favorites!!  Each year, rain or shine, Leesburg holds its much-awaited Annual Flower and Garden Festival on the third Saturday in April in the heart of downtown Leesburg. This enchanting event celebrates the arrival of spring and the natural beauty of Loudoun County. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of colors as over 150 local vendors showcase their finest flowers, plants, and gardening products. Indulge your senses with live music, indulge in delectable craft food, and let your children explore the exciting activities specially designed for them.

4th of July Fun: A Day of Patriotic Delight

July 4th, our Independence Day, is an all-day celebration in Leesburg which is the largest of Loudoun County’s locally held fireworks. The festivities kick off at 10 am with a grand parade that winds its way through the charming streets. Come ready to enjoy the mesmerizing performances of the American Originals Fife and Drum Corps and witness the creativity and true fun on display during the best float contest. Parades are abundant in Leesburg!  As the day unfolds, prepare for an evening filled with live concerts and an awe-inspiring fireworks display at Ida Park. Leesburg proudly boasts the largest firework show in the area, you won’t want to miss this one!  Indulge in the full food court and savor many of the local restaurants and food trucks while immersing yourself in the joyous atmosphere.

Leesburg Airshow: Annual Thrills in the Skies!

Get ready for an exhilarating experience at the annual Leesburg Airshow, where historic aircraft take center stage. Marvel at iconic planes like the P51 Mustangs, Grumman Avengers, and Japanese Bombers as they showcase their aerobatic prowess. This high-flying spectacle features renowned pilots, air force veterans, and the famous Flying Circus. The airshow is a free event for families, with a small donation requested. While the skies captivate your attention, explore the tarmac filled with local vendors, aviation clubs, and an enticing array of food and drinks. Mark your calendars for the last Saturday of September and prepare for a day of thrills and excitement at the Leesburg Executive Airport.  Located just minutes from downtown off of Sycolin Road on the Southern side of Leesburg, this truly unique experience is one for all ages to experience!

Thanksgiving Festivities and Holiday Parade: Tis’ the Holiday Season Time!

Leesburg has a fabulous and fun line up of parades throughout the Fall and Winter Season.  It brings back the small town feel and cherished fun for all.  Another childhood favorite of Kim’s that can be recalled all the way into elementary school, these are consistent and fun!!  Celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving and kick off the winter season with a series of joyous events in Leesburg. The Saturday before Thanksgiving at Ida Lee Park for the runners and walkers in you, the “Freeze Your Gizzard Thanksgiving 5K and Mile Fun Run” is lots of fun! This off-road race not only brings warmth, exercise and a sense of community to your heart but also accepts donations for the Loudoun Hunger Relief's food pantry.  A true testimony to the community spirit. 

For the monthly “First Friday”, in December, there is a very special Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Town Green. Then we travel into the holiday spirit deeper as the second Saturday in December marks the town Holiday Parade, a spectacular evening procession down King Street into the Historic Downtown. Throughout December, the historic downtown area transforms into a winter wonderland with festive décor, enchanting carolers, and even horse-drawn sleighs!  A Northern Virginia surprise to most to have all these special celebrations.

Leesburg, VA, invites you to be a part of its vibrant tapestry of seasonal festivals, cultural events, and community celebrations. From the mesmerizing beauty of the Flower and Garden Festival to the patriotic extravaganza of the 4th of July Fun and the thrilling aerobatics at the Leesburg Airshow, each event offers a unique experience that celebrates the town's heritage and unity. Join in the spirit of community beautification through the "Keep Leesburg Beautiful" campaign, and embrace the joy of the holiday season with the Thanksgiving Festivities and Holiday Parade. Make lasting memories as you immerse yourself in the warmth, camaraderie, and enchantment of Leesburg's year-round festivities.

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