Is the Loudoun County Housing Market Still Hot? A June 2024 Update

Dated: June 21 2024

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The real estate market in Leesburg, Tavistock Farms, and the 20175 zip code is dynamic as of June 2024. Whether you're a homebuyer, seller, or investor, understanding the latest trends is key to making informed decisions. In this comprehensive market report, we dive into the key statistics and insights you need to know.


  • Loudoun County has remained a seller's market since May 2023, with the median sold price increasing by 5.3% year-over-year to $702,715.
  • Leesburg is seeing a more balanced market with a stable average list price of $940K.
  • Tavistock Farms is firmly in a seller's market with a $734K average list price and only 1 recent sale.
  • The 20175 zip code has a high $1.01M average list price, 42 homes sold, and a significant 113% increase in active listings year-over-year.
  • Advice for buyers: Move quickly on fairly priced homes, consider new construction & be flexible.
  • Tips for sellers: Price competitively, invest in staging & marketing, offer buyer incentives.
  • Investor insights: Consider Leesburg for better cash flow, target value-add properties.

Loudoun County Market Overview

The Loudoun County real estate market has favored sellers since May 2023, with prices trending higher and homes selling faster. However, recent data suggests a potential shift towards a more balanced market.

Key Statistics for May 2024:

  • Median Sold Price: $702,715 (5.3% increase year-over-year)
  • Median Price Per Square Foot: $276
  • Homes for Sale: 1,374 (19.6% increase from April 2024)
  • Homes Sold: 295 (22.4% decrease from April 2024)
  • Average Sale Time: 9 days (19.8% decrease year-over-year)
  • Sale-to-List Price Ratio: 61% of homes sold above asking price

While the increase in homes for sale in May 2024 could signal a move towards a more balanced market, the continued rise in median sold price and the high percentage of homes selling above asking price indicate that sellers still hold a strong advantage in Loudoun County.

Leesburg Market Overview

The Leesburg market is experiencing a transition towards a more balanced state compared to neighboring areas, with key indicators showing both seller strength and increasing buyer opportunities.

Key Statistics for the Last 30 Days:

  • Average List Price: $940K (1.6% increase since January 2024)
  • Homes Sold: 89
  • Active Listings: 449 (12.7% year-over-year increase, 288.9% increase since January 2024)
  • New Listings: 131 (120.9% increase since January 2024)
  • Average Sale Price: $793K
  • Price Per Square Foot: $281
  • Most Expensive Listing: 7 beds, 7 baths, 15.7k sqft for $6.299M

The substantial increase in active listings and new listings indicates a growing inventory, potentially offering buyers more options. However, the slight increase in average list price and the continued demand for well-priced homes under $1 million suggest that sellers still maintain some leverage in the market.

Tavistock Farms Submarket Trends

The luxury Tavistock Farms submarket remains firmly in favor of sellers, characterized by high demand and extremely limited inventory.

Key Statistics for the Last 30 Days:

  • Average List Price: $734K (4.6% increase since January 2024)
  • Homes Sold: 1
  • Active Listings: 6 (81.4% increase since January 2024)
  • New Listings: 4
  • Sold Prices Ranging From: $663K to $930K

The scarcity of available homes and the recent sale prices indicate a strong seller's market in Tavistock Farms. Buyers in this submarket face intense competition and should be prepared for a potentially extended search.

20175 Zip Code (Leesburg) Market Pulse

The 20175 zip code remains a hot seller's market, commanding some of the highest prices and strong demand in the region. However, a notable increase in active listings suggests a potential shift in market dynamics. In the last 30 days, the area recorded:

Key Statistics for the Last 30 Days:

  • Average List Price: $1.01M
  • Homes Sold: 42
  • Active Listings: 178 (113.0% increase year-over-year)
  • New Listings: 56
  • Price Range: $316K to $6.30M
  • Most Expensive Listing: 7 beds, 7 baths, 15.7k sqft for $6.299M

While sellers currently hold the advantage in this zip code, the substantial increase in active listings indicates that more inventory is becoming available. This could create more opportunities for buyers and potentially moderate price growth in the future.

Advice for Buyers

To navigate the competitive but evolving Northern Virginia market, buyers should:

  • Get pre-approved and be ready to act fast on fairly priced properties
  • Consider new construction and off-market listings to avoid bidding wars
  • Focus on areas with relatively more inventory like Leesburg
  • Be willing to compromise on non-essential criteria given limited options

Tips for Sellers

While sellers have the upper hand, proper positioning is still crucial. To optimize results, sellers should:

  • Work with an experienced agent to price competitively based on recent sales
  • Invest in professional photos, staging & marketing to stand out
  • Complete any deferred maintenance or value-add updates before listing
  • Consider offering buyer incentives like closing cost credits

Investor Insights

Though price appreciation is moderating, Northern Virginia remains a fundamentally attractive market for investors due to high incomes, limited housing supply, and proximity to DC job centers. Opportunities are most promising in:

  • Leesburg, where cash flow potential is better
  • Value-add properties in need of renovation
  • Emerging submarkets in the path of development & population growth

As always, investors should carefully evaluate property-level fundamentals and run detailed pro formas in the context of their individual risk tolerance and return objectives.


The Northern Virginia real estate market is currently fluctuating, with different trends in various areas. Loudoun County remains a seller's market overall, but some areas like Leesburg are shifting towards a more balanced market. The 20175 ZIP code still favors sellers but is seeing an increase in new listings that might change market dynamics. Tavistock Farms is a strong seller's market due to limited inventory and high demand.

Understanding these market trends is essential for buyers, sellers, and investors to make informed decisions. Whether timing a purchase, pricing a property strategically, or identifying investment opportunities, staying updated on the latest developments is crucial for navigating the evolving Northern Virginia real estate landscape.

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Loudoun County, Virginia Housing Market Report May 2024 - RocketHomes.

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